Filzach for Industries

Filzach solutions across industries


The healthcare industry generates massive amounts of sensitive data, including patient records, medical images, and research findings. Filzach’s distributed storage solutions can provide healthcare organizations with secure, compliant, and easily accessible storage. In addition, our data marketplace and retrieval services can facilitate collaboration and data sharing among research institutions while maintaining privacy and security standards.

Key benefits for the healthcare industry:

  • Secure storage of sensitive patient data
  • Streamlined data sharing for research and collaboration
  • Improved regulatory compliance

The media and entertainment industry generates a large volume of multimedia content, such as videos, images, and audio files. Filzach’s distributed storage solutions can help these organizations efficiently manage their data storage needs, offering scalability and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, the data marketplace allows content creators and distributors to securely buy and sell digital assets.

  • Key benefits for the media and entertainment industry:
  • Cost-effective storage for large multimedia files
  • Easy content distribution and sharing
  • New revenue opportunities through the data marketplace

Financial institutions generate and process vast amounts of transactional and customer data. Filzach’s distributed storage solutions offer a secure and reliable platform to store this critical information, while our data retrieval services enable fast and efficient access when needed. Additionally, the data marketplace can facilitate secure sharing of financial data between institutions, fostering innovation in the fintech sector.

Key benefits for the financial services industry:

  • Enhanced security for sensitive financial data
  • Rapid data retrieval for improved operational efficiency
  • Support for fintech innovation through secure data sharing

Modern manufacturing processes generate large volumes of data, including production statistics, quality control information, and supply chain data. Filzach’s distributed storage solutions can help manufacturers securely store and manage this data, improving operational efficiency and supporting data-driven decision-making. The data marketplace and retrieval services can also enable collaboration between manufacturers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Key benefits for the manufacturing industry:

  • Secure storage and management of production data
  • Improved data-driven decision-making
  • Enhanced supply chain collaboration through data sharing

The energy and utilities sector generates significant amounts of data from smart grids, metering systems, and other infrastructure. Filzach’s distributed storage solutions can provide a secure and scalable platform to store this data, helping energy and utility companies optimize their operations and reduce costs. The data marketplace can also support the sharing of data between organizations, enabling innovation in areas such as renewable energy and grid management.

Key benefits for the energy and utilities industry:

  • Scalable storage solutions for growing data volumes
  • Enhanced operational efficiency through data-driven insights
  • Support for industry innovation through data sharing

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